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Hollie Thompson

The ethos of HTPT is honesty and consistency

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Introducing HTPT

For the past ten years HT Personal Training has been teaching a variety of fitness classes and training clients around Leicestershire.


HTPT works with clients on a day to day basis – a realistic amount, a non-life consuming amount – because exercise and good nutrition should be a part of life…it shouldn’t consume your life.

During a PT session or a class with HTPT, you will be expected to work hard. HTPT leads from the front in classes and sets the bar to ensure you are pushing yourself – no time is wasted during a session…if you’ve prioritised time In your day to exercise, HTPT will ensure its worth your while.

HTPT educates and delivers nutritional guidance to help clients make logical choices, you will not find a meal plan or quick fix here! HTPT gives you the tools to live a normal life whilst achieving your goals sustainably and consistently.

HTPT has worked with an extensive catalogue of clients with varying fitness levels, and all have achieved and are still achieving great results. You can read what some of HTPT clients say here.

Why HTPT ?

Suitable for All Abilities

Nutrition Support









What My Clients Say
Intro HTPT

What My Clients Say ...

‘Hollies classes are fantastic. Lots of different options for all levels, challenging but motivating and always different so you don’t get complacent.


Hollie has gone above and beyond to make her classes accessible during COVID-19, which is greatly appreciated. Highly recommended.’

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