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About Hollie

Hello, I’m Hollie

Ex Dancer, Personal Trainer, Class Instructor, Tutor, Assessor and IQA for the leading fitness education company

I’m a mum of two and I work freelance in the Fitness Industry to help bring normality and realism to a saturated and contradictory sector.

Fad diets/juice diets/slimming clubs you name it….I’ve done it! I’ve spent the past 15 years trying to find my happiness in a number on the scale or a clothes size. Through all of this, I’ve gained an extensive knowledge of fitness, and nutrition and I’ve found the only way to be truly happy with my progress, is to understand the process and be consistent.

For me, exercise is a small part of the picture – albeit a crucial part. There are so many elements to overall health and improving all of those collectively makes the bigger picture so much brighter.

Please, have a browse through the website – subscribe to the blog and contact me if you’re ready to move forward with your progress.

Hollie Thompson

L4 Personal Trainer – specialising in obesity and diabetes.

GP Exercise Referral

Nutrition to support physical activity

Ante and Post Natal Exercise

Exercise to Music Instructor












First Aid


BA Hons First Class Degree  Dance

Internal Quality Assurer within the fitness industry

Cimpsa Registered

Tutor and Assessor in the Fitness Industry:

Teaching all these courses and assessing students to entry level and continual professional development.


My Achievements

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